One Tough Chick


Working on a farm is not for sissies! Whether you are a man or a woman, there are things you need to do that take all the energy you have. As a woman, I may have right sizedĀ machines and tools like my small chipper, rototiller and lawn tractor, but they stillĀ give you a workout. You have to shovel a lot of snow in freezing weather, sometimes multiple times a day, so you can reach areas on the property you need to reach, like the compost bin.You have to wear long sleeves, heavy pants and boots in 100 degree weather to prevent sunburn or being eaten alive by mosquitoes. If you have animals depending on you, they need you more than ever in extreme weather to make sure they are properly protected and have consistent fresh water and food. You can’t say “It’s awful outside. I think I’ll stay in.”

I have over a dozen different types of gloves from heavy work types to light tactical gardening gloves. Although I’m big into organics, I’m not into getting your bare hands in the dirt. It’s all about protection. If I’m not killing the bugs on my property, I don’t want to be surprised by a bite or sting that was preventable!

These pink gloves are my favorite. They remind me that to be working on a farm, you have to be one tough chick!