What To Do with Grapes

The season was good for the grape vine and now I finally know what type of grapes we have; Concord grapes with a large amount of seeds! While the grapes taste fantastic, the seeds make them less than marketable to sell as an eating grape. I’ve never been much of a jelly maker but I love real fruit juice.

After a little research we found a canning recipe to make grape juice from whole grapes and decided to give it a try. It might make a great novelty for selling. An attractive shelf stable jar of grape juice with grapes in tow that just requires a strainer to be drink ready!



It’s a good thing we have bee keeping suits because they were needed to harvest the grapes. A combination of our honey bees, wasps and yellow jackets took over the fully ripened grapes, so I had to fight for them. When we were all done there was not much left to look at!

Once washed and cleaned, we poured the grapes into jars, sprinkled sugar in and filled with boiling water. Then we did a standard water bath until the jars sealed.


We waited a few days and cracked open the first jar to try our juice. The taste was good but a little weak. Next year I will add more grapes to see if that improves both appearance and taste. I’m also going to break down and try making jelly.  We will eventually find the best format to sell these grapes!