More Spring Snow!

Snow and Deer

More snow! How long is this going to last? It’s supposed to continue for another few days. The apple blossoms are partially open. Let’s hope they don’t all freeze. If you look close, you can see the deer laying underneath the lilac bushes.

The growing season is rapidly shrinking. Less time means less harvest. We could regain time if the weather cooperates the rest of the season. Here is crossing fingers.

The cold weather transplants are getting too big for the trays. I may have to plant when it gets above freezing, using a row cover to protect them.

Over grown transplants

This is also effecting the building of the run and preparing the beehives for the bees coming in two weeks!
We will be so happy when the weather warms again, but then it will be a race to get things done!

A Fence in the Shrubs

Fence removal

The backyard fence is so old that the lilac hedge grew up around it. Unfortunately there is also a lot of barbed wired in there too. We are replacing the backyard fence and moving it out past the shrubs so it will eventually hold our future dogs in and keep out the deer and eventually our futureĀ goats.

First we spent hours pruning back the lilacs to access the fence, and now using a wire cutter and saw to extract the rest of it. The poor lilacs were already overgrown and will now look very sad for the next year. Oh…..I’m sure they will bounce back but it’s going to be an ugly hedge year!