Coop Upgrades

Poop Deck

The weather hasn’t been warm enough to move the overgrowing chicks into the coop yet so upgrades are being done. First, a necessary addition for ease of cleaning, a poop deck was added. It’s basically drawers under the roosts that can be pulled out to scrape the poop into a bucket. Weekly the drawers can be pulled completely out and be sprayed down with a hose.

Electricity has been brought in with 3 outlets. We’ve added heat lamps and plugged them into thermostat plugs. The lamps turn off once it reaches a certain temperature.

Electric Coop

We found the temperature swings are too wide inside the coop so added some reflective insulation liner to the ceiling, It will probably become more beneficial in the summer when it get’s hot. Chicken’s can die of heat easier than the cold.

Insulated Coop

Hoping to move the chickens into their coop soon as they are starting to jump high! They basement brooder won’t hold them in for much longer!