New Hives Arrive

Last year we purchased 2 hives and 2 nukes. Nucs are boxes that contain 5 frames full of bees with a queen, a little honey and brood to jump start a new hive. Everything seemed to be going well as one colony was thriving, creating and filling comb rapidly, but the other seemed lack luster. As winter was getting closer we did an inspection but couldn’t find a queen in the weaker colony.  We tried to re-queen it but after the next inspection it was obvious she did not take   The frames were being built with odd patterns and random fills. Yellow jackets and ants were raiding their hive. There wasn’t enough food to make it through the winter. We decided to save the bees that were left by breaking open the hive and joining them with the other colony. The thriving colony scavenged the left overs from the open hive and were well prepared for winter. Come spring, the hive looked fantastic!

This spring we purchased 2 more hives and 2 more nucs. One nuc was thick with bees and had a lot built on their frames. The other had healthy bees and a clean looking frame set but not nearly as many bees. The installation went well.

Watch as we install the new hives on our YouTube Channel: