Baby Bunnies

We are used to having rabbits all over the property. They are fairly tame because we do not chase them off, but one morning one of them was standing right in the middle of the back yard looking very nervous. I walked  up to her and noticed she actually had babies underneath her suckling. I was  surprised as it was right in the middle of yard!

Before I scared her off I ran to get the camera and caught a great video I wanted to share.

The 5 bunnies stayed hidden for a long time before they emerged. There were 4 left and they spent a lot of time stretched out on the ground under the trees trying to cool off.

Part of the joy of living on a farm is enjoying the wildlife, that is if you have protected your crops well enough!


A Prickly Prescription


In August, a tiny baby rabbit found a weak spot in the garden fence where it pulled away from the dirt due to erosion. He dug underneath the fence and built himself a home under the shed that is contained inside. It had been 2 weeks of enjoying the lettuce and tasting the bell peppers when he started to sniff around the carrots. We finally caught him at a moment when he was far enough away from his hole.  We blocked the opening and chased him out the main gate.  To fix this new issue permanently I dug up prickly pear cactus from the property and planted it all along the outside base of the fence and lined the inside with more bricks. Let’s see him try to dig under now!