Our First Harvest Sales

Garden 6-19-16

This is a monumental moment! We have made our first sales! The only thing we have to sell is radishes and spinach but it’s still official! Radish bunchesComments so far is how spicy the radishes are. We have Red Cherry Belles that apparently heated up. Luckily we also have some White Hailstone Radishes that are a little milder for those who like radishes but aren’t willing to buy the hot ones. Spinach bagsWe are quickly selling out of spinach because the weather is heating up and spinach does not like the heat. It’s already starting to go to seed.
While there is disappointment that we don’t have a variety yet, the collards, lettuce and summer squash are not too far away from harvesting!

First Harvest…Radishes


Finally! The first harvest is here! Organic, non-GMO, Heirloom Cherry Belle radishes ready to sell.

Radishes are the fastest growing vegetable in the spring taking about 3 weeks to mature. I also planted Heirloom White Hailstone radishes which are also organic and non-GMO. They take a little longer to mature but should be close behind.

Radishes are good companion plants to carrots so I decided to try it this year. Radishes deter pests that would normally eat carrots and they help loosen up the soil, so letting the radishes mature while the carrot seedlings start coming up gives them an advantage. It’s necessary to harvest the radishes quickly to give them room to take over the space.

carrot radish

Before you judge the weeds in this picture, it’s important to let both radish and carrot seedlings get big enough to be sure you’re pulling up weeds rather than radishes and grass rather than carrots. You can see how much they look alike. Now it’s time to finish weeding and maybe put a little mulch around them.

The carrots planted are Heirloom Tendersweet and Nantes which are organic and non-GMO. They will be ready in about another month.