From Iris to Raspberry

We had a row of Iris by the side of the fence when we moved to the farm. We assume the previous owner wanted as many flowers as possible for the bees he originally had on the property but they were taking up valuable produce space and were being overrun by grass. We decided to pull it all up and try our hand at raspberries and also threw in a couple of rhubarb plants. Using the weed block fabric would also get the grass under control.

The results were mixed due to the hot, dry summer. Raspberries didn’t handle that much heat well and insects took over the rhubarb. I wouldn’t have thought that the poisonous leaves of the Rhubarb would be that deeply invaded! We aren’t willing to give up yet because one of the varieties of Raspberries actually fruited in it’s first year.

The plan for next year is to move the raspberries to a shadier side of the plot, transplant the rhubarb into the vegetable area where insects are more controlled, and plant sunflowers in the dry, sunny spot where they have been successful in the past.

We hope to be able to start adding fruit to our list of offerings in the future as we have not had much luck in the high plains dessert.

Take a look at the raspberry bed as we began to clean it out on our YouTube Channel: