Recycle Reuse

Being organic, we are also very respectful of the environment. That being said we spend a lot of time thinking up ways to make less waste. To start with, in our home, we recycle more than we throw away. We usually only have one kitchen garbage bag a week, but a full recycle bin. We compost our organic food scraps and garden cuttings, and when we get a lot of plastic grocery bags we bring them to a recycle center at the store we bought it from. Due to Covid, we weren’t allowed to bring in our reusable grocery bags.

In the garden we reuse our ground covers that we plant in, our tunnel fabric covers and our pots that we grow and transplant in. We also reuse the drip tapes every year unless they have sprung a leak. And of course, we use our compost!

When I have a need for something in garden I look around to see what we already have that we could repurpose. For instance, our peppers don’t usually grow every tall because of the short season, but last year they grew so tall they were falling over. Tomato garden stakes are expensive and they contain plastic. I bought some small wooden dowels which worked well and in the end, slowly decay back into the ground.

This year I’m trying to reduce weeds. That is what takes most of our time in the garden. We use bamboo screens on the garden fences to reduce wind since it’s very bad in this area. After 4 years the screens start to fall apart so they end up in a pile next to the bush and tree branches and excess bricks and blocks, all which get somewhat used here and there. For instance, we periodically put the wood through a chipper and use as a top dressing for our perennial beds. But today I got the idea to line up the bamboo screens on the ground to act as a ground cover and reduce weed growth. It worked like a charm. Saved probably 6 hours of weed pulling over the season!

Even if you are not gardening, we should all look for ways to reduce, recycle and reuse what we have.