Seeding Root Vegetables

We’ve always planted lettuce, beet and carrot seeds by hand. The lines have never been that straight and the density of the seedlings were inconsistent. Working on our inefficiencies again, we researched seeders and found this easy to use model. While our clay soil made it a little difficult to smoothly roll the seeder and perfectly drop the seed, it was still far better and faster than our previous methods. There were a couple rows we weren’t sure had enough seed so we just went over them twice and will thin out later.

After each row was done we hand tossed compost over the seeded lines. It puts the compost right where it’s needed. We believe in putting plant food right on the plants we want to grow, not amending all the soil unless we have an area where compost is needed for texture.

Now that the rows are quickly seeded, we need to hand water to keep the seeds moist until they germinate. Then continue watering until the seedlings get big enough to reach the soaking of the subsurface irrigation. No watering overhead. We don’t want to be watering the weeds. It’s a waste of water.

It won’t be long now before we have our first plants!

Watch us running the seeder on our YouTube Channel: