The Farmers Tramp Stamp

This happens every year! It’s my first day out in the garden, and even though I have a long tailed shirt on, the wind blows the tail up or I bend over too much. This is what I call the Farmers Tramp Stamp and It’s painful!

You’d think I’d learn year over year, but it’s not something you remember when you are wearing protective gardening clothes. You assume it’s taken care of!

Why does the man of the house not have this issue? He has a better memory! He continuously reminds me to wear my hat, etc. He’s also the first one to catch the sunburn and gets me back in the house. He really looks out for me. 🙂

So I made it through my first day slightly burned. I think I’ll put a reminder in my phone to pop up every year at this time so I don’t forget to add extra sunscreen to my lower back my first day out!