Well Woes

There is nothing worse then not having water. When you have a well you never know what kind of issues could come up that stops the water flowing to your house or garden.

Over winter the water cut off 3 times. The first time was 18 hours, second was only overnight and the last time we didn’t have it for 8 hours. The well company came out each time and couldn’t find the issue but got it working again. This time they pulled up more well parts to try and resolve the issue permanently. This time they found it. A 45 year old check valve was the culprit.

Luckily this happened before we started planting! There was a lot of digging that disrupted the garden, bringing up clay and sand, and covering some of the good soil we had been building. Disappointing but the area is one we were still working on soil improvement anyway.

The well problem also gave us a chance to add something that will be a game changer for us. A hydrant running directly from the well is now placed inside the garden. No more dragging hoses or watering odd spots by hand. We can also rinse the vegetables in the garden leaving the good soil the vegetables carry behind rather than dragging extra dirt to our processing area.

Bad news but good timing! We are very happy with the end result. Hopefully we won’t be showering when the water goes out again! Getting shampoo out of your hair without water is not fun!

You can see the digging disaster on the farm’s YouTube Channel: