The Windy Plains

I’m sure you have heard us complain about the wind on the farm so I thought I would share some videos so you can see it first hand. The reason we have bamboo screens on our garden fence is to reduce the wind blowing up from the valley. Then there is plant support. As the wind continues to blow seedlings, the plant begins to grow sideways. Sometimes the wind is so bad the leaves rip off the stem. Sometimes the ground cover or tunnel fabric gets loose and smashes into the plants and kills them. You’ll notice our squash plants usually lean in one direction.

This year our pumpkin patch took the brunt of the wind and required a second planting after the ground cover popped up from the wind.

Don’t get me started with the tomato plants. It is absolutely necessary to stake them up or place them in hard wire cages. Every year the tomatoes start to blow over and we are forced to tie in more stakes and even tie them against each other!

All we can do during these storms is protect the best we can and hope for the best.

Here are a few vids from the farm’s YouTube channel to enjoy.