Green and Gold Zucchini Squash

Last year we tried to grow zucchini with minimal success due to the shade. With the expansion into a sunnier area our zucchini plants were much more fruitful! The left hand side row is your standard green zucchini and the right is the gold zucchini.

All the plants consistently produced to order. We were able to cover all requests without waiting. As the summer went along we found we had to pick every evening to be sure the squash didn’t get too big. The day before it looked just a little too small, but the next evening it had grown too big! There were occasions where we they ended up with squash too big to sell. Those we made into zucchini bread. We had a lot of zucchini bread so I froze some of it. The longest I’ve kept a frozen zucchini bread is 5 months and after letting it defrost in the refrigerator it tasted just as good as the day it was baked! Just make sure it’s not a juicy bread. The bigger the squash is the firmer it is.The large firmer zucchinis were sliced and used as noodles for a vegetable lasagna.

Zucchini is now one of our easiest growers and better sellers.  It also stores better than most of our other produce.